Pastor Karen Sersen is a newly licensed local pastor of the United Methodist Church.She is well known in the area for her volunteering efforts in religious as well as civic organizations.


She has lots of energy, is a distance runner, wife and mom. Pastor Karen lives out her faith around town engaging people in coffee shops, bars, restaurants and meeting neighbors. In other words, Pastor Karen knows how to have real conversations about faith and life without getting weird.


As a church planter she sees the community as part of the church and the church as part of the community. So you are more then welcomed to check us out, and even help out on one of our community service projects.


Maybe you would even like to have a conversion with Pastor Karen, without going to church. She would love to get to know you. Just click the Call Us button.



Spirital growth is not one size fits all. We are a United Methodist Church, a Christian Protestant denomination that emphasizes God’s love and justice for all people. Community Church is for anyone who wants to find HOPE, ACCEPTANCE and FUN!


We are a restart church so we are not “perfect church”.

We are real people, celebrating our faith and life’s, ups and downs together. We know each other by name.


Our worship service is relaxed, so parents with children are always welcomed to enjoy the FUN service together. Parents are also invited to bring their children to our preschool area, where they may stay or leave their child with our childrens ministries team leaders.  Our ministry team leaders are safe sanctuary trained and will engage your child in FUN games, crafts and songs.


Currently our one service is traditional, minus some of the church lingo and lots of FUN! We are a diverse group, dress is casual and our coffee is OK. You’re invited to join us!


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