Would you like to help get Fox River Grove's longest-standing church restarted? Your're invited to find out more about Community Church.  We don't expect you to agree with everything we do or say. You are more than welcome to check us out, and even help out on some of our teams. Pastor Karen would be more than happy to have an informal chat with you and you can ask as many questions as you like. It takes lots of volunteers to restart a faith community. Just give one of our newly-formed teams a try. It doesnt have to be 'til-death-do-we-part' commitment.


We are in current need of

  • parking lot attendants

  • greeters

  • musicians

  • vocalists

  • media and video volunteers

  • graphic artist

  • organizers

  • and creative artists


If you want to make us happy and volunteer, call Pastor Karen and let her know you have some free time you've been wondering what to do with. Just click the Call Us button.




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